Our value chains

  • Foie Gras
    and duck meat

    Over the course of 70 years, we have acquired real expertise in France in the production of foie gras and premium duck products for Labeyrie.


    Since 2007, our value chain in southwestern France has followed extremely demanding specifications – CertiConfiance – to qualify for the Sud-Ouest PGI (protected geographical indication), in partnership with the Basque cooperative Lur Berri and 230 producers.


    Our value chain in western France has been supplying the best foie gras to fine dining professionals for more than 20 years.


    We are committed to preserving our land, in the interests of people and animal welfare and safety.

    Our factories:
    Came, Saint-Geours-de-Maremne, Bouaye (France)

  • Salmon

    At Labeyrie Fine Foods, salmon is a key value chain for the Group.


    In France, two responsible value chain quality strategies have been certified by Qualité France: CertiConfiance (Labeyrie) and Responsible Aquaculture (Delpierre). In the United Kingdom, 100% of our materials come from MSC or organic value chains.


    In our factories, we preserve traditional expertise which has been handed down from generation to generation, such as smoking, whilst employing cutting edge techniques that increase efficiency (slicing at an angle with variable thickness, placement of dividers for simplified serving, etc.).

    Our factories:
    Saint-Geours-de-Maremne and Wisches (France) and Duns (UK)

  • Herring

    Our herring come from Norway and Iceland and are all MSC certified for sustainable fishing.


    It is important to us to offer fillets prepared by hand and smoked using methods which respect tradition.


    We elevate them by carefully salting and smoking them with beechwood in our workshops in Normandy to further amplify their flavour.

    Our factories :
    Fécamp (France)

  • Cod
    and other fish

    All our supplies come from MSC certified sustainable fisheries in Alaska.


    We carefully select the best cod, sea bass, salmon, cinnabar goatfish, mackerel, sardines and sea bream so that we can offer a variety of the best fish possible.


    Our cod is line caught which preserves the quality of the fish and is a more sustainable form of fishing. Our workshop in France is proficient in dealing with these species of fish to ensure maximum quality and flavour.

    Our factories :
    Jonzac (France)

  • Shrimps
    and crustaceans

    Thanks to our strict specifications, our shrimp value chain is a role model in terms of selection, traceability, food safety and ethics.


    We are also a member of SEDEX, a not-for-profit organisation that helps companies to operate ethically.


    Our target is to have 100% of our products certified as sustainable by 2021.


    As historical specialists in the preparation (cooking and drying) of shrimp, we have the best crustaceans thanks to very high potential production sites.

    Our factories :
    Saint Aignan (France), Warminster (United Kingdom), Gaspé (Canada)

  • Trout

    As part of a 50/50 joint venture with Aqualande, we control the entire integrated aquaculture value chain, from trout farming to processing. We are deeply attached to the Landes, whose environment we protect and preserve by engaging in sustainable, responsible aquaculture.


    All our fish farms are fully integrated into their natural environments and have been certified by Agri Confiance since 2004. We produce our own feed for the trout and guarantee our commitments through certification and continuous monitoring.

    Our factories:
    Roquefort, Sarbazan (France), Salamanque (Espagne)

  • Blinis
    and spreadables

    All our ingredients are chosen from local producers based on their respect for nature and the product.


    100% of the milk used to prepare our blinis by Blini and Atelier Blini comes from France, mainly from Normandy.


    We have developed a 100% French value chain for chickpeas grown according to the principles of sustainable agriculture in the region around Toulouse.
    We are also working on a French wheat value chain which will be finalised by 2020.

    Our factories:
    Troarn (France), Tilburg (Pays-Bas)

  • Olives

    Our olives come from the finest regions (Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain) and several  of them have an AOP (protected designation of origin).
    Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships with farmers and now have complete control, from cultivation to packaging.


    In partnership with cooperatives and with an emphasis on environmentally friendly cultivation methods, we are serious about selling fresh, unpasteurised olives with great respect for the product, including a large and growing number of organic options.

    Our factories:
    Andenne (Belgique)

Our commitments

Our ethical, responsible strategy ranges from our sourcing of raw materials to production in our workshops to the end product.

We have been ahead of the curve in anticipating our clients’ and our consumers’ growing expectation of products from sustainable value chains,
that contain no artificial ingredients or that were organically farmed.

Our objective is to work together to increase our purchases of raw materials with MSC,
ASC or organic certification and to boost our products’ naturalness by reviewing our processes to reduce the use of preservatives and additives.
Lastly, our brands communicate clearly with their consumers about their commitments and their plans for improvement.

Our brands