Labeyrie Fine Foods is the leader in premium and trendy foods made for shared moments of enjoyment, that has adopted a pro-active eco-responsible strategy. We have always believed that quality time is nourished by quality products. This is why we have instituted an extremely rigorous selection process for our raw materials and put all our expertise to create delicious products.

Our product portfolio can be divided into three areas of expertise :

  • Premium seafood products
    • Smoked salmon
    • Traditional smoked fish
    • Smoked trout
    • Caviar & fish roe
    • Prawns

  • Premium regional products
    • Foie gras
    • Duck meat
    • Stuffed poultry & meat
    • Individual festive gourmet meals
    • Iberian ham
  • Trendy products from near and far
    • Cosmopolitan snacks: blinis and spreadables
    • Olives
    • Appetisers

Thanks to a wealth of wonderful brands – Labeyrie, Blini, Atelier Blini, Farne and Père Olive – Labeyrie Fine Foods is not only the leader on our different markets but also a preferred partner of supermarkets through private labels.