Our structure, organised around Business Units, allows us bring together together entrepreneurial initiatives and Group synergies. It thus takes a practical approach to excellence thanks to experienced and dedicated teams.

Each independent Business Unit, with its own individual identity and knowhow, takes part in Labeyrie Fine Foods’ strategy in order to meet established goals. With the benefits of shared support functions (accounting, treasury, legal, IT, purchasing strategies, on-the-ground sales force, etc.), each Business Unit represents a building block in Labeyrie Fine Foods’ structure, contributing to the Group’s success.

At the head of each Business Unit, a Managing Director leads a management team with a comprehensive scope of action (marketing, industrial policies, sales, management). These teams are driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, in-depth knowledge of their markets and a perpetual drive for results.

Lyons Seafoods
Labeyrie Fine Foods International

PIERRE-YVES BALLIF - Managing Director of BLINI

At BLINI, gourmet pleasures take on a diverse and international flair! Indeed, our product strategy is based on the two major trends we see amongst consumers: the desire to share a special moment with some friends and the need to broaden horizons through 'worldfooding'. We provide a genuine alternative to typical hors d'oeuvres, offering a multitude of distinctive and varied hors d'oeuvres inspired by the World in all its diversity. Thanks to our knowhow in mastering recipes from around the world, we bring Labeyrie Fine Foods a field of creative expression that goes far beyond the boundaries of French cuisine, all with a single ambition: offer the finest quality on the market.


Initially specialising in blinis and tarama, the Business Unit has worked for many years to extend its knowhow to include spreads created from original recipes from around the world/globe, such as tzatziki and hummus. The Business Unit is also expert in fish roe and caviar under the Labeyrie brand. Launched in 2011, the atelier Blini brand is available in supermarket’s seafood aisle and at fresh caterer aisle. It draws inspiration on neighbourhood caterers like market stalls, and offers authentic and gourmet products of artisan quality. Finally, the Business Unit has strong ambitions in the fresh olive market with the Père Olive brand.
Blini et atelier Blini Sales : 166,2 M€ in 2016-2017

Industrial sites : Andenne (Belgique), Bazainville (78), Chambly (60), Champigny-sur-Marne (94), Chevilly (45), Tilburg (Pays-Bas), Troarn (64)

Belgique, France, Pays-Bas

STANISLAS GIRAUD - Managing Director of Delpierre

Our ambition can be summed up in a single sentence: become the leader in high-quality value-added seafood products for our clients by nurturing everyday our operational excellence. We thus put forth our love of the sea, our expertise and our knowhow to offer all the pleasure of delicious seafood. We rise to our challenge every day. We strive daily for useful innovations, developing new recipes and new ways to enjoy seafood. Our companies drive the Group forward to venture into new sectors and provide retailers and our consumers with all the richness and pleasure the sea has to offer.


Delpierre exhibits all its knowhow through offering a diverse seafood range including ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat fish dishes, smoked salmon, fresh and salted cod, etc. Products are marketed both under the Delpierre brand and private labels. In addition, the Business Unit markets products under the brand Maison Delpierre. These products combine fishmonger know-how with catererer premium quality.
Delpierre Sales : 256,1 M€ in 2016-2017

Industrial sites : Boulogne sur mer (62), Fécamp (76), Jonzac (17), Nantes (44) et Wisches (67)


CRAIG WALKER - Managing Director of Farne

At Farne Salmon & Trout, we know how to reconcile tradition and modernity, combining the finest traditional Scottish smoking methods with advanced production techniques and quality control. Day after day, we contribute to the growth of Labeyrie Fine Foods Group through our commitment to developing new product lines such as cooked salmon, offering customers a whole new range of flavours.


For 30 years, Farne has been preparing smoked salmon in all its forms, both for the British market and abroad. Marketed mainly under retail brand names, Farne’s offering continues to grow ever richer and revolves around three flagship products: smoked salmon, cooked salmon and salmon-based hors d’oeuvres and terrines. Renowned for its high-quality products, Farne applies its expertise to offer salmon lovers an ever wider variety of taste experiences.
Farne Sales : 131,3 M€ in 2016-2017

Industrial sites : Duns


JACQUES TROTTIER - Managing Director of Labeyrie

Labeyrie remains true to the overall strategy of Labeyrie Fine Foods. Backed by our creativity and experience in luxury foods, we offer a world of pleasure in our three flagship products of foie gras, smoked salmon and Iberian ham. We listen to consumers and work tirelessly to bring them more of the premium products they want. We are always on the cutting edge of new trends, such as gourmet meals and creative hors d’œuvres.


Layberie’s reputation has been forged through the know-how used in preparing two luxury products available in many forms: Foie Gras and Smoked Salmon. The leader in these two historical markets, Labeyrie has accelerated its development by offering other fine foods such as caviar and Iberian ham. The brand now also has a presence in the ready-meals aisle with a full range of pre-cooked gourmet dishes.
Labeyrie Sales : 247,4 M€ in 2016-2017

Industrial sites : Came (64), Saint-Geours (40)

Le Gallo

FRANCOIS LE GALLO - Managing Director of Labeyrie Fine Foods International

Labeyrie Fine Foods International is a stunning example of the Group’s philosophy, founded on pragmatism, responsiveness, flexibility and solidarity. We aim to step up our growth by developing the Group’s business in a host of countries where our products, symbols of French culinary savoir-faire, appeal to retailers and consumers alike. To rise to this challenge, we rely on the marketing and R&D expertise of the different Business Units within the Group. With their input, we implement any adjustments necessary to make sure our products are suited to local tastes. We then put in place sales synergies to provide our clients with the best possible service by offering them a broad and complementary range of festive culinary delicacies.


Founded in September 2012, Labeyrie Fine Foods International is an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) created with the aim of optimising the development of commercial export market by organising marketing, sales and logistical synergies to provide our clients with the best possible service. Labeyrie Fine Foods International operates in more than 40 countries, but the bulk of its activity is centred in Europe, where we are present through a subsidiary (Italy), on-the-ground sales teams (Belgium) or through agents and distributors. Europe: Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Czech Republic. Major export markets: French overseas territories, South-east Asia, Middle East, Russia.
Labeyrie Fine Foods International Sales : 95 M€ in 2016-2017


CRAIG WALKER - Managing Director of Lyons Seafoods

Over the years, Lyons Seafoods has acquired significant Knowledge and insight into the seafood market. Day after day, we have put this expertise into practice so that our partners can offer carefully selected, high-quality products.


Lyons Seafoods is number one on the UK prawn market. In recent years, we have pioneered the development of the Warm Water Prawn category, which now accounts for more than 50% of market sales. Unlike our competitors, we guarantee that all of our prawns are freshly cooked, ensuring unparalleled quality and taste. We select the highest quality products from around the world and offer a broad range of seafood delicacies including prawns, calamari, mussels and crayfish. Our business is primarily devoted to the private labels of the largest retailers on the UK market. We consistently strive for innovation to ensure enduring activity, as well as sustained growth for our clients.
Lyons Seafoods Sales : 157,4 M€ in 2016-2017

Industrial sites : Warminster


LUC DE NOIRMONT - Managing Director of Labeyrie Fine Foods Retail

Labeyrie Fine Foods Retail Business Unit was born in May 2016. Our purpose is to develop new selling concepts, on the basis of the several knowhows of the Labeyrie Fine Foods’ Business Units. To date, three projects have been launched: Maison St Geours, which offers delicatessen products from appetizer to desert; Jean & Frères which offers delicatessen seafood products; and the Univers Apéritif project.

Those projects represent an opportunity of distinction, of value creation and allow us to develop new relations with our suppliers. Moreover, these projects allow us to create a direct relationship with our consumers, who today expect more from brands than outright selling. Finally, these projects are used as laboratories to the development of new range of products for the Labeyrie Fine Foods Group.
Labeyrie Fine Foods Retail
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