Quest for Pleasure

Creating extraordinary products is our mission and our daily practice.
In 2017, Labeyrie decides to offer to its consumers, new products corresponding to the latest food trends.  

This year, the extraordinary comes from ham... Labeyrie’s mythical Pata Negra, has earned a place of honour next to our Foie Gras, Smoked Salmon and Caviar. This high quality Iberian ham comes from hogs raised outdoors and fed on acorns in a preserved region of Southwestern Spain. 24-to-36 month maturating gently bring this extraordinary product to perfection.  

The sea is not to be outdone at Delpierre which offers the best products while prolonging their freshness thanks to an exclusive cold pasteurization process. An entire range of natural fish with all its flavourful and nutritional qualities but that stays fresh longer, with no preservatives.  

Last but certainly not the least: organic products. For its increasing numbers of aficionados, Atelier Blini has developed a new line of spreadables that are as delicious as their supply are organic. In 2017, our Hummus, Ktipiti and other Tzatzikis are more delicious and more organic than ever.
New products better aligned with consumer tastes, for ever more pleasure.