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Labeyrie Fine Foods owes its success mainly due to the men and women who put their skills at the service of their Group on a day to day basis, contributing to the creation of culinary delicacies.

With this in mind, the group adopted an organisational structure that gives its different companies considerable autonomy, leaving them free to express their own inner spirit, all the while sharing a set of common values.

For complete consistency at every level, the Group’s human resources department also reflects this autonomy-based structure.

As such, each company has developed its own human resources policy, taking care to remain true to the Group’s fundamental values:

  • Creativity
  • Performance
  • Pragmatism
  • Respect

Since its creation, the Group has consistently exhibited ambition and motivation, ensuring the means necessary for its success. Today more than ever, Labeyrie Fine Foods looks to rise to new challenges, aspiring to become the most sought-after Gourmet Food Group in Europe. To meet this goal, it recruits motivated, curious and passionate professionals eager to join together in writing this new story of growth.

Joining us today at Labeyrie Fine Foods, means becoming part of a Group that knows how important it is to live and work in harmony, a Group that encourages personal initiatives and supports its employees’ desire for professional advancement. Finally, working within one of Labeyrie Fine Foods’ companies means joining a group that allows you to explore new horizons...

For more information on our values, see Our philosophy

At Blini, we are convinced that people make the difference. The continuous growth of Blini establishes itself through the corporate culture based on 4 strong values which serve as the framework for our actions.
These values are at the very heart of our recruitment process and our way of daily work, they are crucial to succeed in our corporation.
They are expressed through the relationships we build and the criteria by which we assess our work.

  • The customer focus

Our consumers are an ongoing priority for all of our employees. Our goal is to answer their needs with professionalism, careful listening and reactivity as they allow the company to thrive.

  • The winning spirit

We support initiatives and creativity, from decision making to the implementation of solutions; we nurture the idea of always going further. A key part in our success, a conquering spirit is characterized by a high demand for performance.

  • The team spirit

We strive for collective work, aware that a team is always more efficient than a group of individual workers. Solidarity in our teams allows us to imagine and guide us to work on the best solutions.

  • Simplicity

We’re straight and forthright and we use a reachable language based on pragmatism. We try our best to reject complexity. We identify essential points and focus on them.

The training
Beyond the technical skills training, Blini has developed and put into action a management training program.

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Team spirit, enthusiasm and high standards are the glue that holds our teams together. We firmly believe that the commitment and professionalism of all of our employees, regardless of their position within the company, are essential to our success.
Delpierre and Adrimex brought their key managers together in the “New Wave Committee’ to share, guide and energize the company’s 3-year development strategy.



We encourage advancement within the company and work to enhance employees’ skills. At the annual progress interview, managers meet with each employee to draw up an individual assessment that serves as a roadmap for professional development.


Recruitment and integration policy

We strive to help workers with disabilities to find their place in all of our establishments. We have 34 disabled employees, as well as a production facility reserved exclusively for workers with disabilities.

We pay particular attention to jobseekers. We created a “sushi workshop” where we trained and integrated 30 unemployed workers.
We have concluded a recruitment partnership with public employment agency Pôle Emploi. Our recruitment policy focuses first and foremost on candidates’ skills rather than their background or level of education.
In addition to internships, we offer apprenticeships to young graduates.
We also work hard to promote gender equality. Women make up 40% of the Management Committee. Furthermore, several women were promoted to executive positions this year.

We have also implemented employment agreements for senior citizens and currently have 58 employees over the age of 55.

Finally, in a highly volatile industry where our needs vary widely depending on the season, we favour open-ended and fixed-term employment contracts. Our goal is to significantly reduce the percentage of temporary workers in our company, thus enabling us to promote employee skill-building and internal advancement.


Work environment

Mindful of the quality of our employees’ working conditions, we continuously work with our social partners and entertain any idea that may lead to improvement in this area. Within the company, three methodology managers systematically include improvement of working conditions in any changes to workshop organisation or procedures.



Every new employee receives a handbook with information on safety and working conditions. To promote communication, we have created inter-departmental groups to better share our values and implement initiatives to ensure broader circulation of our principles. We also created an internal newsletter to contribute to this approach.

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Honesty, openness and transparency are the key factors of Farne’s success. We share these factors with all our employees.

The identity the company has forged for itself since its creation is rooted in 6 fundamental values:

  • Team spirit
    We work together to get results; we treat each other with respect and honesty in a productive atmosphere that contributes to achieving our goals.
  • Challenge
    We focus on improving the vision of our company, its missions, values, quality standards and goals. We constantly analyse our actions in an attempt to do better.
  • High expectations
    We offer excellent customer service, not only in terms of quality and level of service, but also innovation.
  • Responsibility
    We are responsible for our attitudes, our behaviour, our performance and our results.
  • Communication
    We listen and communicate openly and honestly, consistently and constructively.
  • Positive attitude
    We create a positive environment by promoting dignity and respect among our staff. We recognize and encourage every contribution from our employees.

Our friendly and open business culture encourages new ideas. We actively support independent thinking among our employees; in return, they receive our attention and are rewarded for their efforts.



The company’s goal is to exhibit strong performance and make quality experiences available to all Farne employees. Our staff members must acquire the skills necessary to maximise their achievements in their current duties, as well as develop their potential within the company over the long term. Mindful of the effectiveness of our training initiatives, we conduct a specific study devoted to learning and development.

We support professional development and empowerment for each and every employee. We take account of their ideas and contributions to make the most of individual and collective achievements.

At Farne, we continually assess each employee’s skills and identify appropriate areas for training. We offer professional and informal training programmes at all levels within the company. We carefully follow up on each staff member’s personal development with an eye to identifying individual training needs. We plan ahead for team turnover and feature a “Rising Star” programme to strengthen development for employees who exhibit high potential.


Recruitment and integration

Farne welcomes employees of a wide range of cultures and backgrounds; the company recognises the benefit of a diverse workforce. We know that every individual is different; we are all the product of our background and experiences. At Farne, we believe that bringing together staff members with different skills, personalities and levels of education and hailing from diverse cultures contributes to the strength of the company.
At Farne, we hire local workers whenever possible and give all employees the chance to evolve and develop both personally and professionally throughout their career at the company. Farne is a “family”; working with us means joining a growing and visionary company that propels all of its employees towards brilliant successes. Joining our company means never being disappointed.



Labeyrie’s management culture is founded on four central values: kindness, high standards, effectiveness and enthusiasm. Shared by all, these values help us rise to the challenges we face and undertake every new project with dynamism and commitment.

Launched for the first time in 2010 and renewed in 2015, Labeyrie leads a ambitious pluri-annual project : Labeyrie 2020. Its goal is to become a benchmark, a company where people truly want to work. Pride, a feeling of belonging, a gratifying work experience and mutual trust are the central values behind this ambition.

 Recruitment and integration

Diversity and equal opportunities for all are central to our company. To promote and facilitate access to the job market for young people, while at the same time creating a pool of talent, Labeyrie develops partnerships with local and regional schools. The company also hosts a considerable number of interns, subsequently offering them open-ended or fixed-term contracts when circumstances permit.

The commitments we have made have led to substantial development of jobs for disabled workers: 8% at Labeyrie compared to an average of 2.7% in France.

Finally, regarding gender equality, it should be noted that 45% of Labeyrie managers are female, compared to an average of 27% in France.

At Labeyrie, seasonal workers attend a special orientation programme where they learn about the life at the company, as well as our products and business lines.

Mindful that health is vital for all our staff members, every employee enjoys company-sponsored supplementary health insurance guaranteeing them access to high-quality healthcare.

Finally, the career and skill management programme makes it possible to design development-focused career paths. The goal is to encourage employee advancement within the company, for both greater and more diverse responsibilities.

Live and work together
Free sports lessons, concierge services, the possibility of teleworking, break rooms designed by employees… Employees’ well-being is very important for Labeyrie for a better balance between private life and work.


Labeyrie invests in staff training. As such, the company has implemented programmes for personal development and manager training.
Every year, several staff members benefit from the personalised support in the form of Accreditation of Experiential Learning programmes (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience) or extended courses for managers with HEC business school. This program has been called Manager’s Campus. 60% of managers have been training since 2013.

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Founded in September 2010, Labeyrie Fine Foods International took the form of an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) in 2012. The company has a conveniently small structure Of 46 personnel composed of employees from the Group’s different companies and devoted essentially to sales activities.

Although they are based in a wide variety of locations (Saint-Geours de Maremne, Nantes, Paris, Milan and Duns), our teams are united by a shared entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit. Always adhering to the strictest standards of professionalism, they strive first and foremost for speed and pragmatism, in order to provide simple and creative solution to the many challenger inherent to international trade.


Recruitment and integration

We are constantly looking to enrich our teams with young and talented professionals who first join the company as international associated volunteers or interns. The most promising among them become full-fledged staff members as soon as opportunities arise.

Well integrated and closely tied to the different companies within the Group, whose human resources policies mirror our own, we have implemented inter-company mobility initiatives to ensure rich and complementary career paths.



Every day at Lyons Seafoods, we embody our fundamental values, which we aim to put into practice through our performance in a healthy and productive environment. With time, these values have enabled us to forge a solid business culture.

  • Team spirit
    We work collectively in a supportive environment where people take responsibility for one another.
  • Confidence
    We work in a spirit of integrity, and our every action is based on confidence.
  • Service
    To meet the expectations of our clients and consumers, we undertake to observe very strict standards.
  • Respect
    We support development and empowerment for each and every employee. We take account of all their ideas and contributions to make the most of individual and collective achievements.
  • Openness
    We undertake to initiate dialogue by providing information to our employees, as well as by encouraging them to express themselves.
  • Adaptability
    We are flexible and capable of taking urgent measures when it comes to meeting various needs. We are committed to constantly improving everything we do.



We have implemented a training programme to instil in our employees a sense of quality and respect for the environment, thus enabling each and all to ensure observance with these values.


Recruitment and integration

Lyons Seafoods is committed to offering equal opportunities, ensuring that all of its employees and candidates are treated alike regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, family status or disabilities.

This principle applies to all aspects of recruitment and working conditions, including wages, promotions, training and transfers, among others.
Lyons Seafoods’ policy is to ensure that employment and advancement in the company will be based on merit and individual skills.



The Labeyrie Fine Foods Retail Business Unit was founded in May 2016. Its purpose is to develop new selling concepts, based on the know-how of the various Business Units of the Labeyrie Fine Foods group. So far, three projects have been launched: Maison St Geours, which offers a range of fresh prepared food from appetisers to desserts; Jean & Frères with a fresh prepared food range based on sea products; and the Appetiser World project.

These projects are concrete illustrations of the Group’s spirit of openness. They are an opportunity for differentiation and value creation and allow us to forge new relationships with distributors. In addition, these projects allow us to enter into a direct relationship with consumers, who today expect more from brands than simply the sale of products. Finally, we use these projects as a laboratory to develop new ranges at the scale of the Labeyrie Fine Foods group.


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