OUR PHILOSOPHY : limitless eating pleasure


Our vision :

Creating unlimited pleasure

Food is essential, but at Labeyrie Fine Foods we believe that first it has to be enjoyed. In a world where food is ever more standardised and time is in short supply, Labeyrie Fine Foods chose to partner with pleasure. We firmly believe that only the enjoyment of gourmet and succulent cuisine can offer a sense of well-being, a wealth of sensations and unique experiences of sharing.

Our mission :

Make these gourmet pleasures available to all

Always striving for quality and innovation, and thanks to companies and brands at the forefront of their markets, Labeyrie Fine Foods offers a range of delicious products to make these gourmet pleasures available to all. By helping its customers discover or rediscover their inner connoisseur, the Group achieves stable long-term development and responsible growth.

Our ambition :

Set the standard

To be the Number One agro-food Group in Europe, the leader in high-quality pleasure food. Labeyrie Fine Foods aims provide flavours for great moment, whether is it is an everyday enjoyment or a special occasion.


At Labeyrie Fine Foods, our philosophy is founded on values that make up the core of our business culture. These values are instilled in each of our employees enthusiasm, inspiration and excellence within the Group, giving them the chance to grow every day. Our greatest source of satisfaction is the loyalty of our retail clients. We work with each of them in a spirit of mutual respect and confidence to create fruitful and long-lasting relationships. Seeing the loyalty of our end customers as we guide them through the world of culinary pleasures is also an important source of pride.