Lyons Seafoods

Still further to discover sublimated flavors

In the beginning...
For more than 50 years, Lyons Seafoods has been offering UK restaurant professionals and consumers alike with a line of carefully selected shellfish and other seafood products.
Lyons Seafoods brings a unique offering to the UK chilled market with freshly cooked prawns. Uncompromising and exemplary when it comes to the origin and quality of its ingredients, Lyons Seafoods has become a leader in this market segment, offering top-quality ready-to-eat products, always 100% fresh.
Lyons today
Today, Lyons Seafoods continues to place excellence at the core of its business, paying particular attention to innovation with an eye to offering an even greater variety of new flavours.

With a strong reputation for quality, Lyons Seafoods successfully illustrates its knowhow with two brands, Lyons and Fisherman, while at the same time supplying the finest restaurant chains in the UK.
Always looking to share new and yet unexplored seafood flavours, Lyons Seafoods now offers a varied line of products ranging from prawns (fresh or frozen) to scallops, mussels, calamari and other breaded seafood products.

At Lyons Seafoods, pleasure means taking you even further to discover refined tastes.


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