We bring you a taste of the sea

In the beginning...
Delpierre is a French company founded at the turn of the 20th century. Its creator, Jean-Baptiste Delpierre, traced his roots to a long line of fishermen who dropped anchor in Boulogne-sur-Mer in the 1500s. At first, Delpierre's activities revolved around fishing and herring smoking. As time went by and consumer demands changed, the brand diversified into ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat fish dishes: smoked salmon, herring, etc.
Delpierre today
Today, Delpierre offers a wide variety of simple, tasty and easy-to-prepare seafood products to delight gourmets with a passion for the delivering: salmon, herring, prawns and more, from pure and simple fish to ready-to-eat recipes. Delpierre applies all its seafaring expertise to create exquisite products that impart the true flavour of the sea, offering consumers a unique taste experience.
Delpierre products are available in supermarket’s seafood aisle (next to smoked salmons) and at the fish section.
For Delpierre, pleasure is offering quality products to always bring the sea closer to you.


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