Blini et atelier Blini

With Blini, mix your appetisers

Originally specialised in producing “blinis”, very popular in Russia, the Blini brand then developed spreadable products based on original recipes, from different parts of the world such as tzaziki, hummus and tarama. The brand revolutionised aperitifs by creating a new relaxed way of eating which brings people together around spreadable products, dips, etc. Constantly seeking new flavours, colours and varieties, the brand has expanded its famous blini recipe (cocktail blinis, gourmet blinis, ultra-fresh blinis, etc.) and offers a wide range of taramas and spreadables (guacamole, ktipiti, black tapenade, tarama with salmon, tarama with lobster, etc.).

Blini is now the benchmark for festive, unstuffy, creative appetisers with thirty products sold in supermarkets, in the sea products aisle (alongside smoked salmon).

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With atelier Blini, find all the authenticity of an artisanal caterer

atelier Blini offers all the quality of the recipes that can be found in fresh prepared foods outlets or market stalls. The brand uses a rigorous selection of ingredients and inspiring recipes for appetisers and creative and special meals.

atelier Blini offers the only general range of the quality of fresh prepared food outlets in supermarkets, with 60 different products.

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